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Alzheimer’s Care at Home

The Right Decision for Your Loved Ones

We, a private and authorized health institution to provide health services to the elderly or in need of care in their own homes, are also with you with our Alzheimer’s care services at home.

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex condition that affects every aspect of life and causes the person to lose their independent life skills over time. Caring for Alzheimer’s patients requires patience, understanding and expertise. That’s why our Alzheimer’s care services at home are specifically designed to offer the best care to your loved ones.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Our home Alzheimer’s care services ensure that patients stay in their own homes, in a familiar environment. This helps patients feel safe and remember their memories more easily. In addition, home care allows family members to participate more actively in the care process of loved ones.

Our care services include the creation of a care plan that suits the patient’s needs and lifestyle. This plan covers everything from the patient’s personal care needs to nutrition and drug management, daily activities and hobby practices to sleep patterns.

Quick Response

In addition, we constantly monitor the health status of Alzheimer’s patients and intervene quickly when necessary. This helps to keep patients’ health status at an optimum level and gives family members peace of mind.

With our Alzheimer’s care services at home, we ensure that your loved ones are cared for in a comfortable and safe environment at home. These services aim to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer’s patients and to alleviate the burden on their families. As a leading health institution in the care of Alzheimer’s patients, we are always with you with our commitment to providing the best care to your loved ones.

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