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Abou Us

In short, we...

ARSEV Home Care Center, which was established in 2018, was established with the aim of providing quality service to our people with its expert staff in the provision of home care services. To be respectful to the individuals and families we serve with a human approach first and to be fair to our employees. To build the foundation of the service we offer on trust by working with ethical, honesty and high responsibility awareness.

Our Mission

To provide an exemplary service with the latest information and technology support, expert and qualified staff without compromising the principles of medical ethics in health services at home and in customer-oriented institutions, respecting patient rights and privacy, and to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Vision

To deliver quality and reliable health services to the majority of the society, to ensure the satisfaction of patients and their relatives, to carry out health services at home and in customer-oriented institutions with a service approach that respects the values of the society.

Our principles

  • To be respectful to the individuals and families we serve, fair to our employees with the human approach first
  • Working ethically, honestly and with a high sense of responsibility, building the foundation of the services we offer on trust
  • To be transparent, accountable and auditable by all our stakeholders every step of the way
  • Focusing on continuous development by evaluating the feedback from our stakeholders, contributing to the development of our employees and adopting technological developments
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