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Online Inspection

Our Online Health Experience in Home Comfort

As a private and authorized health institution that provides health services to the elderly or in need of care in their own homes, we bring you our online examination services by taking advantage of the technological opportunities of our age.

Online examination services allow patients to access health services over the internet without leaving their homes. With our online examination service, our patients can share health problems, get suggestions and treatment plans by video chatting with our doctors.

Effective Appointment Management

There are many advantages provided by our online inspection services. First, these services facilitate patients with access to quality health services at home. Thus, patients and caregivers do not need to make an effort or travel to go to the hospital. This is a great advantage, especially for people with reduced mobility or who need health care away from home.

Second, online examination services enable patients and healthcare providers to use their time more effectively. Interviews can be arranged when the patient and the doctor are available, which means there is no need to wait or comply with appointment times.

Easy and Effective Communication

Third, online examination services facilitate communication between the patient and the doctor. Patients can ask their questions directly to their doctor and also easily access records of previous examinations and test results.

As a result, our online examination services provide easy and accessible health services to the elderly or in need of care at home. We bring healthcare to your home with the opportunities offered by technology, so we can help you get the support you need for a healthier life.

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