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Trabzon Home Cancer Patient Tracking

Professional Support in Home Comfort

Cancer is a process that challenges both the individual and their loved ones. At every stage of this challenging process, it is important to meet the physical and mental needs of the patient. As a private and authorized health institution based in Trabzon, we provide professional cancer patient follow-up services for patients in their own homes.

Our home cancer patient follow-up service offers cancer patients in and around Trabzon a comprehensive and personalized care at every stage of the treatment processes. Considering the needs and comforts of patients, we aim to provide a better quality of life in the home environment.

Our healthcare team offers a wide range of services, from experienced and specialist doctors, nurses, psychologists to physiotherapists. Our home cancer patient tracking service covers a range of services from medication management to pain control to emotional support. In this process, we closely monitor the general health status of the patient and intervene quickly when necessary.

We also aim to support patient relatives. We are aware that patient relatives may also experience emotional stress during the disease process. Therefore, we also offer them psychological support and training.

While providing cancer patient follow-up services at home in Trabzon, we always keep patient satisfaction and comfort as our priority. Therefore, we always personalize our services according to the needs of the patient and his family.

As a professional, understanding and experienced health team, we stand by you and your loved ones for those who are looking for cancer patient follow-up services at home in and around Trabzon. Together with you, we guide you through every step of this challenging journey and strive to improve the quality of life of you and your family members.

In this difficult process, we offer your loved ones a professional support in the comfort and safety of their homes with our home cancer patient tracking services in Trabzon. You can get more information by contacting us. We understand the challenge of fighting cancer and are here to support you in the process.

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